Ebike Conversion Kit 36V350W 500W 48V1000W Front Rear Wheel Hub Motor 20-29700C

Ebike Conversion Kit 36V350W 500W 48V1000W Front Rear Wheel Hub Motor 20-29700C

Ebike Conversion Kit 36V350W 500W 48V1000W Front Rear Wheel Hub Motor 20-29700C

Why choose rear screw motor instead of cassette motor? Compared with rear screw motor, cassette motor will break easily. Is it universal for V brake and disc brake? Do you provide 20inch wheel?

36V250W front wheel, 36V500W front wheel, 48V500W front and rear wheel, 48V1000W rear wheel, 48V1500W rear wheel have the 20inch. Please contact with the sale service to confirm before you place the order.

Do you have the manual of the installation? This ebike kit is easily to connect the cables.

If you have questions about installation, you could message us. Is this kit compatible with carbon bike? We don't suggest you intall the motor kit on the carbon bike. We will reply to each customer's message as soon as possible, and we will not let you wait too long.

Easy to modify, DIY electric bicycle modification kit, suitable for front wheel or rear wheel, bicycle with front wheel size "100mm" and bicycle with rear wheel size "135-142mm" can easily take you within 1 hour Converted bicycles to electric bicycles. This mountain bike motor is compatible with disc brakes and V brakes, and is powerful and efficient.

This motor greatly improves riding comfort. Super cost-effective, efficiency =80%; the brake lever safely cuts off the power of the motor. Pure electric mode & human body riding mode & assist & push mode. 4 working modes can be switched at will. Before installing the motor, please connect the motor according to the steps in the manual to see if the motor can work normally.

Our motors are suitable for disc brakes and V brakes. The following countries include DDP service. (Russian Federation, United States, Canada, Ukraine, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Australia). Please notice the ATTENTION information below? Wheel: Front wheel or Rear (Cassette need pay extra 10 dollars). Wheel size:20inch, 24inch, 26inch, 27.5inch, 28inch, 29inch, 700C. Its not optional and can't change parts, Please leavea message to confirm the wheel size agianafter you place an order? 48V 500W, 20inch, Front wheel.

48V 500W, 26inch, Front wheel. 36V 350W, 26inch, Rear wheel. 36V 250W, 26inch, Rear wheel. 36V 500W, 26inch, Rear wheel. 48V 1000W, 26/27.5/28inch, Rear wheel.

48V 1500W, 26/27.5/28inch, Rear wheel. Noted: Conversion Kit not include Battery, tire, tirque arm, disc brake. Motor wheel(Front or Rear) 1. KT-Display LCD3 or LCD4 1.

115PDD Power cut-off Brake lever 1. KT-BZ-4(8) 8 Magnet Pedal Assistant Sensor 1. Gifts: Controller Bag(not battery) 1 + Flywheel(Only in the Rear) 1 + Install cable ties and stretch film 1+Installation Manual 1. About 25-28km/h 207-270 RPM 29-31.2NM.

About 25-28km/h 231-270 RPM 31.8-33NM. About 30-32km/h 265-325 RPM 60-63NM. About 35-40km/h 325-331RPM 57.5-59NM.

About 45-50km/h 414-487 RPM 71-74.6NM. (different wheel size, road&weather condition and rider's weight will have different speed). Front drive shaft diameter (mm): M12(250-500W) Gear. Rear drive shaft diameter (mm): M12(250-500W) Gear.

Moment arm-rear drive (mm): M14. Magnet Height: -250W : 24H(36V)22H(48V). Number of magnet poles: -Gear:20(250-500W). Controller Type:KT-Brushless Motor Controller. 250W use KT 15A controller.

350W use KT 15/17A controller. 500W use KT 22A controller. 48V 1000W/1500W use KT 30A/35A controller. About 180cm (SM) including the connector. 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V. KT-BZ-4(8) Pedal Assistant Sensor.

115PDD E-brake Cut Off Power. 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V.

2 Pin SM Plug aboout 180cm including the connector. High quality steel, Hollow out design, super light weight. 30-50A Controller Bag For Elevtric Bicycle. 250W/350W/500W motor default P19D Rim (Fit 1.5-1.95 Bike Tire). 1000W/1500W motor default P25 rim (Fit 1.75-2.125 Bike Tire). If your address is in a remote area, additional costs will be incurred, which are paid to the transportation company.

We are very happy to see that customers like our products. This is due to official logistics factors that caused you to receive the damaged product. Your satisfaction and recognition of our products is very important. It will be very good if you leave us a 5-star feedback. Finally, I sincerely wish all buyers a happy shopping and a happy life.

Ebike Conversion Kit 36V350W 500W 48V1000W Front Rear Wheel Hub Motor 20-29700C